Don’t set unrealistic guest expectations

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Don’t set unrealistic guest expectations

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Don’t set unrealistic guest expectations.


Setting the right customer expectations in the hotel and hospitality industry is a necessity if you want your business to stand out. Start by figuring out what your customers expect. Then, proceed to communicate what guests can expect at your hotel or guest house.

Simple Formula – By setting the right customer expectations, you get happy customers.

For Example:

  • If your hotel is not a boutique hotel then don’t call it a boutique hotel. So many people make the mistake by adding the word Boutique in their business and then wonder why they get bad reviews. A boutique hotel is high end luxury with a special unique twist. Your clients will expect top quality rooms and service to go with it.
  • If your guest house is not near the beach then don’t call it a beach resort. As the name implies it’s on the beach not a 20 minute walk.
  • Don’t leave out things in your marketing material that you think might be perceived as negative. For example, your hotel might be located outside of the city centre. In that case, don’t make it sound like it’s in a prime location. This helps you set the right expectations and your guests aren’t negatively surprised when they arrive.
  • Don’t use the term luxury if it’s not

How do you know what your customer expects?

Not meeting a customer’s expectations doesn’t mean your hotel is bad. It just means that you’re targeting the wrong customer and/or you’ve created false expectations.

To solve this problem, you need to know:

A) who your customer is
B) what they expect

Don’t make these common mistakes if you have a guest house or B&B. For more advice and information on how Vibrant Imagination can help turn your business around then contact us.