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What Is an Exit Interview?

What Is an Exit Interview and How Do You Prepare for It? Employers often do exit interviews to understand why an employee is leaving their organization. The meeting is an opportunity for you to give feedback to help the organization improve. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for an exit interview. But often, people express their reasons for leaving in vague and polite terms. So they don’t burn any bridges. However, it’s also OK to be honest.…
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3 Interview Questions Nobody Wants to Answer

3 Interview Questions Nobody Wants to Answer Job interviews are stressful. While you can try to make them easier by preparing what you want to say, doing research and doing practice interviews, there are still some questions that nobody wants to hear., a resume writing service, asked 2,000 young people which interview questions they thought were the hardest to answer. Here are their three top choices. 1. Tell me about yourself? Remember to stay professional during…
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How to Prepare for Online Interviews

How to Prepare for Online Interviews With the world of work becoming more remote, more interviews are happening online. However, that doesn’t make them any less nerve-wracking. Here is some advice for doing well in an online interview. Dress professionally Just like in an in-person interview, what you wear matters. Choose professional clothes  such as a shirt or blouse, and make sure they are comfortable. Avoid bold patterns, these can look bad on camera. Test…
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What to Research Before a Job Interview

What to Research Before a Job Interview Preparing for an interview can be stressful. Happily, there are a few things you can do to make it less so, including doing some serious research on the company you want to work for. Here’s where to start: Study the job description Don’t just quickly read the job description. Take time to think about each responsibility and skill in the list, and write down point by point why you believe…
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How to Write a Great Cover Letter

How to Write a Great Cover Letter When applying for a job, a strong cover letter can really help your application stand out. Here’s some cover letter advice to help you land your dream job. Do Your Research Find out about the company’s customers, competitors and work culture. You should also know which skills are needed for the job. You can then use this information to show how your skills will be useful, and why you’re the perfect…
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