E-Commerce Premium Website Package

Digital Marketing Consultancy

E-Commerce Web Design Package with SSL Certificate, SEO & Graphic Design

We can build you a 25 page responsive E-Commerce website, which is customer friendly on pc, mobile and tablet. Your new website will be complete with SEO, meta tags, Paypal online Payment Gateway and Social Media Integration.

We can design your company logo, to help you look more professional and attract more customers.

12 Months Secure Hosting, Contact Form with business email address included.

SSL Certificate to make sure your platform is secure which ensures trust in your online shop.

Price $1,900 Reduced to $1580

Extras: Banking Gateway

If you prefer to have an Online Payment Gateway with a major bank such as HSBC or a card processor then we can integrate this seamlessly into your site for an additional fee of $349. This does not include any maintenance fees or card processing fees as laid down by the banking institution.

Extras: CRM

We can optimise your CRM footing to effectively and creatively meet your business needs. You can purchase a half day package from $180 or a full day package from $320.

The Importance of a Responsive E-Commerce Website.

Nowadays 48% of the global internet population use their smartphones to search the internet.

So if your website is not responsive to these devices, along with tablets, you could be missing nearly half of your target audience.

A responsive web design can improve customer experience which will translate into a positive perception of your brand and business.

If your customers can access your website easily on all platforms, they’re more likely to return to you for more business in the future and therefore more than likely means a higher conversion rate.

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO is made up of multiple different elements, and knowing what they are and how they work is key to understanding why SEO is so important.

In short, Search Engine Optimization is significant because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

At Vibrant Imagination we are SEO experts. We have helped previous clients turn their organic traffic, which is free traffic from 12% to 90%.

Vibrant Imagination understands your target audience. We focus on your USP’s in order to achieve greater visibility and high rankings in organic search results.

Benefits of SEO to Your Business:

  • Primary Source of Leads
  • Brings Higher Conversion Rates
  • Promotes Better Cost Management, instead of PPC
  • Helps Establish Brand Awareness
  • Takes You Ahead of the Competition

Get in touch with Vibrant Imagination today. Let’s start turning that unknown website into a profit generating machine for you.