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It’s all about marketing your brand successfully. Understanding and clearly articulating the needs and wants of your target audience. Get excited to surprise and delight customers.

Every opportunity for a visible presence of your brand is your opportunity to make an impression.

First impressions of your branding are largely built upon a customer or client’s perception of quality and user experience. Above all, your branding perception is what your target audience believes you can deliver to them through their initial interaction with you.

Finally, having a clearly outlined brand strategy tagged with measurable goals is fundamental to nurturing that consistency that drives repeat customer behaviour strengthening your brand loyalty.

With or without a brand strategy, an impression will be made.

Invest spending time in these 4 simple steps to building a successful brand:

1.Define how you want your brand to be perceived.

2.When your customers have finished using your product or service. How do you want them to describe their experience with your brand?

3.Be consistent in how you communicate and deliver your promise.

4.Organise your business based on this promise.

At Vibrant Imagination we specialise in designing a custom and personalised brand strategy. Optimised to keep your brand in alignment with your business goals.

Whether your brand is in need of a large- or small-scale operation, Andy. Who is Vibrant Imagination’s founder, has confidently worked with big players like Thomas Cook; and with the same integrity, worked with smaller market contenders such as Bean and Gone Café.

Reach out to Vibrant Imagination today.

Let us help you explore the best way to optimise your brand strategy, in this fast and ever evolving competitive digital marketing space.

Come prepared to:

  • Collaborate on research with your target market needs and wants.
  • Define your brand strategy goals and KPI’s.
  • Build your brand, the way you want the world to perceive you.

Thomas Cook Airlines

In 2003 our founder, Andy Ryans who was the airline’s Business Development Manager, at the time, was a major player in the integration team at Thomas Cook that re-branded its in house airline from JMC Air to Thomas Cook Airlines.

This brand had to be consistent across not only the airline, but all platforms, including aircraft interior, check-in desks, and all other affiliated visual propositioning, websites and magazines.

The new branding is consistent with all global companies. Hence the globe reflects a global company present in 21 countries worldwide, with the blue representing the ocean while the yellow the beach.

Branding of Bean & Gone Cafe Gibraltar

In 2012 our client in the British territory of Gibraltar wanted a new modern brand for a coffee shop that served healthy and vegan options.

The name Bean and Gone Cafe was decided upon. As well as the logo with its brown note to reflect fresh coffee. Whilst the “gone” is to reflect its fast service.

The logo was designed with matching tables, signboards, cups, mugs, plates. In Addition to all online and offline marketing material in order to create a strong and unique brand for an up and coming new business in Gibraltar.