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Andy Ryans


Andy Ryans is an accomplished explorer, traveller, entrepreneur, dog rescuer, and all kinds of animal lover who creatively brings enthusiasm and ideas to life.

As a visionary thinker, Andy has always followed his passions to travel the world globally. As well as exploring the vast and diverse economic cultures of eCommerce. Andy’s creative flow is an exciting reflection of collaborative expertise from; Aviation Travel & Tourism Industry, Online iGaming, Social Media & Branding, Animal Charities, and online Designer Fashion wear.

Andy has over 20 years’ experience in the Travel & Tourism industry, online marketing and delivering social media concepts. Having previously worked for industry leaders such as; British Midland, British Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and RCI Europe. Andy has first-hand experience in promoting tourism for new upcoming markets and training front end customer service personnel.

Andy was a major player on the integration team at Thomas Cook, when they rebranded it’s in house airline from JMC Air to Thomas Cook Airlines. This brand had to be consistent across not only the airline, but all platforms, including aircraft interior, check-in desks, and all other affiliated visual propositioning.

New Journey

In 2006, after moving to Spain, Andy worked for online casino giant – Mansion Casino; where he surpassed expectations on customer conversion. Before spearheading his share of targeting the Spanish E-Commerce markets with well-established online retail clothing websites, dating websites. Along with Spain’s first price comparison website for car and motorbike insurance.

Whilst in Spain, Andy became very passionate about the plight of stray dogs and he volunteered for a local organisation called Spanish Stray Dogs. Where he became Head of Media. This is where he learned the majority of his social media expertise. Spanish Stray Dogs is now a huge official charitable organisation with representatives in many countries and with a powerful online presence and a huge following, which is making a big difference to hundreds if not thousands of dogs in Spain.

In 2013 Andy, along with his two beloved Labradors, made the exciting decision to relocate to Sri Lanka. An innovative and creative thinker, Andy thrives on a challenge and delivering results.

Turning Imagination into Success

We are a digital marketing consultancy with over 10 years of digital marketing services and SEO experience. Our expertise has enabled us to work within a variety of industries from hospitality, travel & tourism, eCommerce websites, iGaming and continuously open to expanding our horizons.

The story of Vibrant Imagination was inspired by the desire to create, and the will to change.

We love listening to stories. Tell us yours, where do you want to see your business go, and grow? Together, we’ll tap into a kaleidoscope of creative and original ideas, taking you and your business on the journey of a lifetime.

As Henry Miller said, ‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Our Values at Vibrant Imagination

  • Agile – we love being flexible to new ideas
  • Enthusiasm – our enthusiasm keeps us motivated and inspired
  • Imagination – our desire to create is limitless
  • Creativity – our desire to express thoughts and ideas is with originality
  • Integrity – we love what we do and we want to share that love through trust with you
  • Fun – work is only work if you don’t love what you do.