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exit interview
What Is an Exit Interview and How Do You Prepare for It? Employers often do exit interviews to understand why an employee is leaving their organization. The meeting is an opportunity for you to give feedback to help the organization improve. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for an exit interview. But often, people express their reasons for leaving in vague and polite terms. So they don’t burn any bridges. However, it’s also OK to be honest.
Dunning Kruger Effect
Dunning Kruger Effect: Why People Overestimate Their Skills Would you say that you’re above or below average at most things? Research has found that most people are very poor at estimating their own abilities. And it has been found that in Western cultures in particular, people frequently overestimate their skills. For example, in a Swedish study published in 1981, 93% of American drivers and 69% of Swedish drivers said they had above average driving skills.
giving feedback
How to Give Feedback the Right Way We are all in a situation where we are giving feedback, whether it’s at work, in our relationships, or when we’re doing something creative. Good feedback should help someone do better at something, so it’s important to give it in a way that has value for the person receiving it. Here’s how to get started: Be Mindful of the Other Person’s Feelings When planning what to say, focusing
Negotiate a Better Salary
How to Negotiate a Better Salary Everybody would like to make more money at work. But how should you ask for a higher salary? Here are some suggestions to help you negotiate better pay. Knowing when to ask for a better salary It can be hard to know when to negotiate a higher salary. While there’s no perfect time to ask. You can try asking when being interviewed for a new job, or when getting a promotion that
oxford University
Why Choose The University of Oxford? The University of Oxford in the UK is the oldest English-speaking university in the world. No one knows the date the university was founded, but there was teaching taking place at Oxford from as early as the year 1096. Today, there are about 20,800 students going to Oxford, with 42% being international students. Times Higher Education has named Oxford the world’s top university on its World University Rankings list every year since 2017. The
working from home
Most Remote Workers Judge Each Other’s Home Offices There are a lot of things to like about remote working, from not having to sit in traffic to being able to work in pajamas. But when it’s time for that video call, do you ever worry about what your co-workers might think when they see your home in the background? According to new research, many of us are judging our colleague’s office spaces. A survey by OnePoll for
home office
How to Make a Comfortable Home Office Getting your workspace set up right is important when your home is your office. Here are three ideas to help you create a space that makes you feel more productive. Have the right equipment It’s important to feel comfortable when you’re working from home, so think about spending a little extra money on a good desk and chair. If you can afford it, try a standing desk, since
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interview questions
3 Interview Questions Nobody Wants to Answer Job interviews are stressful. While you can try to make them easier by preparing what you want to say, doing research and doing practice interviews, there are still some questions that nobody wants to hear., a resume writing service, asked 2,000 young people which interview questions they thought were the hardest to answer. Here are their three top choices. 1. Tell me about yourself? Remember to stay professional during
online inteviews
How to Prepare for Online Interviews With the world of work becoming more remote, more interviews are happening online. However, that doesn’t make them any less nerve-wracking. Here is some advice for doing well in an online interview. Dress professionally Just like in an in-person interview, what you wear matters. Choose professional clothes  such as a shirt or blouse, and make sure they are comfortable. Avoid bold patterns, these can look bad on camera. Test

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