Lifecycle Management

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Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management is dedicated to delivering on set, and managed customer expectations. Delivered through executing actionable insight to enhance Customer Life Time Value (CLTV).

Lifecycle Management includes all parts of CRM. Data touch points are collected, analysed, and optimised. Purposefully executed to set, manage, and deliver on customer expectations. With the desire to continuously improve.

Explore the benefits of purposeful Collaborative CRM. Discover Lifecycle Management strategies that work for your business.

Lifecycle Management:

    • Acquisition Strategies – to increase CLTV from point of registration

    • Conversion Strategies – optimised by acquisition/registration journey

    • Retention Strategies – to sustain incremental retained active customers

    • Reactivation Strategies – optimised win-back strategies with custom welcome back journeys

    • Cross Sell Strategies – optimised to X-Sell brand services, products and multi-brand

    • VIP and Loyalty Strategies – a progressive loyalty journey nurturing high value customers

    • Service Messages Strategy – optimise the best UX strategy for delivering trust and informative service messages

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