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BPM and Workflow Design

The underlying core value of optimising CRM is understanding the internal CRM workflows, work experience and overall BPM (Business Process Models).

A customer’s experience of CRM is reflective of the quality and value that a business places on work experience.

Quality is a reflection of the agility, energy, and creative environments available to company cultures.

Broken down into 3 elements we:

  • Evaluate Key Requirements
  • Articulate Tailored Solutions
  • Consult Scalable Processes

How do we evaluate key requirements?

Asking questions. Listening and collating that feedback into key requirements. Fill gaps, and refine internal workflow designs. As a result, create improved work experiences.

Best practices and evolving digital tech products are constantly inspired by a desire to improve the quality of CRM executed.

What do you mean by articulate tailored solutions?

Post evaluation of key requirements. You will receive an analysis of the current CRM workflow gaps with actionable insight. With your input, we’ll design a tailored solution to optimise your CRM needs. Iterating a test period to validate the workflows and measure incremental value.

What is the difference between delivering tailored and scalable solutions?

Dependent on the size of your company and how fast you are growing. Ideally, all solutions presented are to be as scalable as possible. Depending on a company’s tools and resources this varies.

Scalable solutions can include working with partners that specialise in known BPM’s. Commonly used in growing digital tech environments include JIRA, SCRUM, and Atlassian Confluence.

Scalable solutions are presented to work in alignment with your company and departments existing tools and BPM’s.

Example, a CRM integration would require collaboration from a wide range of stakeholders. Including stakeholders outside the core CRM team/department to deliver. A tailored scalable solution would be required to meet short and longer-term goals.

Not sure where to start or what questions to ask? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to explore questions with you.