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Our Latest Press Release dated 13th August 2020 New Partnership: Vibrant Imagination and Dynamic Messaging

London, UK: Vibrant Imagination today announced a new partnership with Dynamic Messaging.

This partnership will both create new, and enhance existing revenue opportunities within customer lifecycles across all verticals, through implementing Dynamic Messaging’s powerful Voice and SMS campaign solutions.

2020 is the year that is redefining loyalty, and this year’s global pandemic and economic crises has truly revived the savvy, but loyal consumer. Loyalty, today can be attributed to quality in its entirety for the overall experience in receiving the product or service in question.

Vibrant Imagination are delighted to collaborate with Dynamic Messaging.

“We’re excited to be able to create, nurture, and enhance customer lifecycle journeys with the technological support required to make an impact. Creating effective and strategic client and customer campaign solutions to meet both short, and long-term company success goals.” – Shireen Haddadeen, Co-Founder of Vibrant Imagination.

Vibrant Imagination is a digital marketing agency offering end to end customer experience (CX) solutions including: CRM, digital marketing strategies, social media campaign and promotion curation and management, AI strategy and product solutions, operational setup and strategies, product consultation, and outsourced CX enhancing technological and consumer market research solutions.

Vibrant Imagination has launched with the specific intent of helping businesses refine their customer and client engagement strategies in alignment to their company success vision.

“We are excited to be collaborating with a company that has a similar ideology, and whose focus is on improving customer relationships and experiences through the use of technology. Vibrant Imagination sees the power of our Voice & SMS solutions and the emphasis we put on being able to deliver robust and personalised solutions to their clients so seamlessly.” Oliver Gee, Director at Dynamic Messaging

Operating in multiple verticals such as iGaming, Retail and Finance, Dynamic Messaging is a market leading Voice & SMS provider who go beyond the call to inspire meaningful conversations with customers, boasting worldwide reach, multi-language capability and extensive marketplace knowledge. The company’s ethos is simple; enrich customer experiences by delivering the right message at the right time.

“From our launch right the way through to the present we have always had a strong focus and drive towards creating personalised, targeted messaging through automation. We believe that customers should all be treated as individuals and that means relevant content, considered tonality and accurate timing are all imperative to the way that we work.” said Oliver Gee

Our Latest Press Release dated 17th July 2020 – Vibrant Imagination Xpanse AI Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Xpanse AI ( and Vibrant Imagination ( have signed a technological collaboration to assist companies in implementing, and advancing their Artificial Intelligence needs.

Vibrant Imagination is a fast-growing digital marketing consultancy that works on improving the sustainability and quality of all aspects related to Customer Experience (CX) omnichannel needs.

Vibrant Imagination Xpanse AI Partnership

Vibrant Imagination has launched with the specific intent of helping businesses refine their customer/client engagement strategies in alignment to their company success vision.

Thousands of data points are created every minute, and up until now we have never been able to capture this data as actionable insights. AI automation enables Business Intelligence (BI) to identify niche marketing segments and bridge the gap of optimisation effectively, with smart decision-making in real time. Working alongside Xpanse AI, Vibrant Imagination are able to work with clients to carve out new opportunities in a matter of days rather than months.

“AI empowers businesses to explore their super powers, spanning new heights in profit margins. Prioritising maximum return on the resources directed towards meaningful customer, and client retention. – Co-Founder Vibrant Imagination, Shireen Haddadeen.”

Vibrant Imagination works with Xpanse AI to discover original and value driven AI use cases across all verticals. Using Xpanse AI’s rapid Machine Learning platform to execute and optimise scalable AI use cases in a test, learn, and iterate environment; producing results in hours as opposed to months.

Maciek Wasiak – CEO of Xpanse AI explains, “Xpanse AI is a new generation Predictive Analytics platform, delivering Machine Learning models on relational databases without the need for manual data preparation.”

Through the partnership with Xpanse AI, Vibrant Imagination will expedite the process of turning ideas into action.

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