Latest News : Vibrant Imagination Xpanse AI Partnership

Latest News : Vibrant Imagination Xpanse AI Partnership

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Vibrant Imagination joins partnership with Xpanse AI

We are delighted to announce that Xpanse AI ( and Vibrant Imagination ( have signed a technological collaboration to assist companies in implementing, and advancing their Artificial Intelligence needs.

Vibrant Imagination is a fast-growing digital marketing consultancy that works on improving the sustainability and quality of all aspects related to Customer Experience (CX) omnichannel needs.

Vibrant Imagination has launched with the specific intent of helping businesses refine their customer/client engagement strategies in alignment to their company success vision.

Thousands of data points are created every minute, and up until now we have never been able to capture this data as actionable insights. AI automation enables Business Intelligence (BI) to identify niche marketing segments and bridge the gap of optimisation effectively, with smart decision-making in real time. Working alongside Xpanse AI, Vibrant Imagination are able to work with clients to carve out new opportunities in a matter of days rather than months.

“AI empowers businesses to explore their super powers, spanning new heights in profit margins. Prioritising maximum return on the resources directed towards meaningful customer, and client retention. – Co-Founder Vibrant Imagination, Shireen Haddadeen.”

Vibrant Imagination works with Xpanse AI to discover original and value driven AI use cases across all verticals. Using Xpanse AI’s rapid Machine Learning platform to execute and optimise scalable AI use cases in a test, learn, and iterate environment; producing results in hours as opposed to months.

Maciek Wasiak – CEO of Xpanse AI explains –  “Xpanse AI is a new generation Predictive Analytics platform, delivering Machine Learning models on relational databases without the need for manual data preparation.”

Through the partnership with Xpanse AI, Vibrant Imagination will expedite the process of turning ideas into action.


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