Most Remote Workers Judge Each Other’s Home Offices

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Most Remote Workers Judge Each Other’s Home Offices

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Most Remote Workers Judge Each Other’s Home Offices

There are a lot of things to like about remote working, from not having to sit in traffic to being able to work in pajamas. But when it’s time for that video call, do you ever worry about what your co-workers might think when they see your home in the background? According to new research, many of us are judging our colleague’s office spaces.

A survey by OnePoll for US furniture rental company Oliver Space asked 2,004 Americans about their experiences with remote work. Fifty-four percent of those who work remotely said that they judge their co-workers’ office spaces when they see them in the background of video calls.

Sixty-four percent also said that they have upgraded their workspaces because they were worried that their own backgrounds would be judged. Forty-six percent of remote workers said that they have bought new office furniture since early 2020. While 40% of all survey participants said they have redecorated at least one room.

Eighty-five percent of remote workers said that they often work somewhere other than a home office. For example, their living room, bedroom or dining room.

But it seems that people are also happier working remotely. 61% say they now feel more comfortable working from home than they did working in an office. A survey published by US job search site FlexJobs in September 2021 also found that 58% of people wanted a fully remote job after the coronavirus pandemic ends. This compared to only 3% who wanted to go back to working in an office every day.

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