Digital Marketing Consultancy


The traditional field of CRM is a lot like being a scientist of human behaviour:

  • Hypothesize

  • Test

  • Iterate

  • Repeat

CRM became more refined as technologies rapidly evolved. Enter new problem. Vast amounts of data being collected at once. Not at all utilised effectively.

AI enables extracting value from data at an unprecedented speed. New technologies accelerate analytical processes allowing to build data-driven targeting models within a few days instead of many months.

Real-time analytics brings you understanding of key events in Customer Lifecycle: What drives the conversions? How should we prioritise customer contact lists in order to boost sales? What leads customers to churn and how to stop it?

Working in collaboration with Data Science, CRM, Customer Operations, and other business stakeholders, AI enables businesses to think local and act global. Simply, and efficiently.

AI gives your business back incremental value. Creates extra time. Encourages prioritising innovative ways of working and delivering. Whilst consistently improving your customer, and work experience.

AI dedicates its focus to:

  • Accuracy
  • Optimisation
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Increased productivity

At Vibrant Imagination we understand the importance and power that continuously advancing technology brings to improving your business.

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